Sex Therapy - Is it Right For You?

We all have to face numerous challenges that life throws at us. Whether it is difficulty with a loved one, challenges around life transitions or upsetting life circumstances, difficulty around intimacy, sexuality, and feeling “othered” due to these circumstances and identities. My goal is to help you uncover your true potential, listen to your own wisdom, and start leading a life that is more of your own making.

  • Are you dealing with low sexual desire, infidelity, mismatched desires and needs, physical sexual pain, emotional sexual pain, erectile dysfunction, delayed or impaired orgasms, ejaculation concerns, LGBTIA health or curiosity, sexual trauma, embarrassment and anxiety in regard to sex and sexuality?

  • Are you exploring types of sexual behaviors, relationship configurations and non heteronormative expressions? Are you a single or a couple who may be exploring or approaching issues in alternative relationships and alternative family structures, including ethical non-monogamy, polyamory, kink, living single, co-parenting, and chosen family?

  • Maybe you are not satisfied with what’s happening (or not happening) in your bedroom. You would like more sexual intimacy in your relationship with your partner but every time you ask for it, it blows up in your face. You are struggling with performance anxiety or sexual pain and you’ve been avoiding having sex all together. Is low libido or a sexual dysfunction keeping you from enjoying your sex life? Let’s explore these questions together!

If you see some way that I can be that person for you, please call or email me.

“Sex is not a thing you do, it is a place you go.”
— Esther Perel

What I specialize in

  • Sexuality and Sexual Health and Functioning

  •  Self-Esteem around Sex and Communicating Needs within your Relationships

  • Issues around Sexual Abuse & Sexual Trauma

  • Male sexuality and intimacy issues

  • Poly, Non-Monogamy, and Open Relationship Issues

  • Kink, BDSM, and LGBTQAI ally

  • Work with Sexual Narcissism and Sexual Power Dynamics

  • Integration help around past experiences with psychedelics and other peak experiences that an individual may find difficulty processing alone

I believe therapy is one of your most critical choices in your journey, and one that could be specialized in your growth and healing. The work that I focus on allows for a greater capacity to explore:

  • Learning to navigate life transitions, especially around sex and sexuality

  • Asking for what you need/want in the bedroom

  • Developing the freedom to express your authentic self within intimacy and sexuality

  • Understanding consent and consensual sex

  • Recognizing barriers to romantic love and removing them

  • Finding your voice and becoming free to speak your mind

  • Connecting and/or reconnecting to your creative self

  • Having more access to pleasure

  • Building self-esteem

  • Feeling less isolated

  • Replacing depression with a wider range of feelings and experiences

  • Developing skills to cope with anxiety

I am a part of various sex positive/kink-aware communities and educational projects, and my goal is to help decrease the stigma of guilt/shame that comes from how various cultures and/or spiritualities see sex and sexuality.

I offer ally focused, inclusive, socially aware and progressive, sex positive, non-shaming therapy for all individuals regardless of race, orientation, gender, or disability.